Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OctoberSketch: "Day 13"

A shambling husk no longer with a will of its own, the reanimated soldier knows only to keep moving forward, to keep fighting, despite the fact that the cause that first gave its sword purpose has long since passed. Here it stands on OctoberSketch: Day 16, given life by the cold vacancy of unfulfilled ambition sewn together by threads of arcane magick. And although the sun has already set on its time of battle, in the passing wind can be heard a hollow cry: "Day 13..."

Just a bit of extra fun here since I'm still trailing behind on OctoberSketch. I'll be posting pictures on their own day soon enough! I made another process gif, too. Look as it animates for the pleasure of your eyes!

BTW, I got the idea of posting these process gifs along with the image from an excellent artist you should check out here:

And remember all the other OctoberSketchers!

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